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A book about faith, breakthroughs and courage to live one’s dreams. About those encounters that become milestones in someone’s life. Equally full of emotions and introspections into the deepest thoughts, One Love Journey captures three months of my time spent in Nepal – a destination found only to become a new beginning.

Attempt to a short bio. Born December 1st, 1978, in Bucharest, Romania, I have spent the first 29 years of my life in my home town with the belief the place one is born into, is the place where the accomplishments should come. Soon after attempting to an international career in marketing and online communications, the world opens as I start my first travels within Europe. My understanding changes and I become to think of the possibility of living in a less hectic place than Bucharest still is, 15 years after the communism has fallen down. The end of 2008 brings Vienna into my life and a journey that would last almost four years begins: I move to Austria to continue my work. Yet, I walk on a far more truthful path in the late summer 2011, when I leave my job and my career this far, to follow an inner call. The trip to Nepal that follows proves to be the beginning to a new chapter.

The cause. I will donate all paperback and e-book royalties to Nepal Volunteers’ Hand Children Home that hosted me for the last five weeks of my stay in Nepal. To learn more about the organization please visit

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