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Here and now

The more I advance in this new life of mine, one full of changes and constant need for adaptation, the more I am convinced nothing is permanent. In the sense that nothing stays the same, there are no eternities and for sure there are no certainties. For anything, from love divine to the guiltiest of … Continue reading


Growing apart

It happens, in life. That we’re growing apart. In our loves, in our marriages, in our friendships. A test of time or a test of will? Heart or reason? Choice or chance? Trust could be the answer. Don’t doubt the yesterdays. Don’t ask more than it’s possible from today. And say a little prayer for … Continue reading

Life goes on

My knees go soft, I breathe with interruptions. It’s my last day in Vienna. It’s been a long time, it’s been an authentic time. It’s been a time for growing up. I like to pick words, words that best describe a feeling, a moment, a life time, an emotion… a place. My word for Vienna … Continue reading

Time melts

I am back in the rush of the days passing by, waiting for a decision, waiting for a call to be made. I did not picture this time. I had no idea how it would be. I only new there would be some months, spare time, for me to find a new path. It’s hard … Continue reading

This time around

This time around, I will do it all differently. I will take all the sorrow away, and I will keep the joy, the laughter, and the sparkle of each and every great moment. I will know that I don’t know. That what I believe it might be the end of this day, may turn out … Continue reading

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