One Love Journey

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So I stayed, as I loved what I found

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Yes, I miss it every day. I could call this post “Why did I move 8 times in 1 year”. Or “Why fear is not a valid option”. Or “Why a smile makes you stronger”.  Or “Why falling in love feels the same today, as it felt … Continue reading

What is Love for you

What is Love for you? I asked Love is being there longterm to hold someone’s hand through the ups and downs of life. This encompasses the love of partners, parents, siblings and friends. (Patricia Petrlik) One of the hardest, but most genuine aspects of Love, is being there for someone the way they need you to … Continue reading


My book is published. An almost stand still moment; hold of breath and interruption of thoughts, just a mere sense of emotion, of gratitude. This moment is for all Nepali people I know. For weeks, or days or hours, they’ve lighten up my heart. They’ve been my source of inspiration. There is no dedication line … Continue reading

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