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Red Wine Dark Chocolate Truffles (When Christmas is Right)

It tastes like red wine dark chocolate truffles. It’s flavoured and giddy. It’s bitter-sweet. It’s red and fervid. It’s all but rush. It’s a time for laughter with tears and red lips. It’s silk and velvet little black dresses and stories of what love could be. It’s friends and hand-made paper decorations. It’s a fluffy … Continue reading

So I stayed, as I loved what I found

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Yes, I miss it every day. I could call this post “Why did I move 8 times in 1 year”. Or “Why fear is not a valid option”. Or “Why a smile makes you stronger”. ¬†Or “Why falling in love feels the same today, as it felt … Continue reading

Walk the line

Think about circumstances. Think about choices. Think about chances. That’s how we build what we have, that’s how we become who we are: by not ignoring the circumstances, by understanding that all of us are fully responsible for our choices, by creating our chances. Bonjour, Madame!, when I stop at Ibis hotel close to Gare … Continue reading

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