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On the other side of acceptance

Accepting life and accepting yourself in sober entirety. Accepting a reality that is painful, very painful. Hardly ever seen. Merely understood. Yet so vibrant, so potent, so no BS.

You see, there is the other side of every situation in life. Each moment of excitement holds in it the risk of free falling. Each moment of despair then, hold in it your chance of being redeemed. Continue reading

Badly in love

I miss writing, badly. So what better treatment than write?! About a year ago, July 9th, 2012 it was, I was writing this What was the motivation that brought you where you are today? Taking a step back, in time and conscience, is necessary for you to know you are still on the right (e.g. … Continue reading

“I love you, sweetheart…” and a bed time story

Mother’s Day… Happy Mother’s Day, mom! You remain the most beautiful woman in my world. You gave me your smile, and I begin to understand, your joyful spirit as well… your love for Life. And if I ever am a mother myself, I hope I won’t forget, that what a child needs the most are … Continue reading

What is Love for you

What is Love for you? I asked Love is being there longterm to hold someone’s hand through the ups and downs of life. This encompasses the love of partners, parents, siblings and friends. (Patricia Petrlik) One of the hardest, but most genuine aspects of Love, is being there for someone the way they need you to … Continue reading

Doing what you love doesn’t pay the bills

False. Doing what you love may not pay the bills (entirely) for about two, three years. For about two, three years you might be out there on the edge, working 12 hours a day, sometimes 7 days out of 7. But who invented the 5 work days week, anyway? Who said when you should work … Continue reading

Growing apart

It happens, in life. That we’re growing apart. In our loves, in our marriages, in our friendships. A test of time or a test of will? Heart or reason? Choice or chance? Trust could be the answer. Don’t doubt the yesterdays. Don’t ask more than it’s possible from today. And say a little prayer for … Continue reading

“You’re so vain.”

You’re so vain. You probably think The book is about you. I have accidentally liked my own page, on my own blog. And this is the message I’ve got into my inbox. Because, well, I am subcribed to my own blog, as well! That was not by accident, I was testing the features when I created the blog. … Continue reading

Time melts

I am back in the rush of the days passing by, waiting for a decision, waiting for a call to be made. I did not picture this time. I had no idea how it would be. I only new there would be some months, spare time, for me to find a new path. It’s hard … Continue reading

What if I don’t know

If I don’t know how the story ends, well then, I shall invent an ending. I shall take my liberty to dream sky high, more than reality would allow; I shall destroy all fears and imagine love would still have won. I shall picture wide open yards with spring green grass. White benches. And swings. … Continue reading

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