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“You’re so vain.”

You’re so vain. You probably think The book is about you. I have accidentally liked my own page, on my own blog. And this is the message I’ve got into my inbox. Because, well, I am subcribed to my own blog, as well! That was not by accident, I was testing the features when I created the blog. … Continue reading

No, there are no certainties

There are no certainties, except for love and death. Stop asking for them, it will only block your mind and sabotage your heart. Start living, give it a chance, flip a coin if you really don’t know … but take decisions, and keep on moving. So many times, the answers are to be found nowhere … Continue reading

‘what these Ithacas mean’

The truth lies in the journey. Whatever journey may that be. Whether searched for, or encountered by chance – or received as a gift from God. Do not rush through them, through the journeys of your lives. Don’t be impatient, you might miss something … or everything. This is from Cri, or Zu, how some … Continue reading

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