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Funny that I thought only bad, law, dark feelings  could get one feeling scattered. Intense positive emotions do that, too.

I couldn’t quite see it

I couldn’t quite see it when it started. I would have bet on the contrary few months into it, in fact. And then I remembered. I believe is steady successes. I believe in hard work and crazy determination. I don’t buy into instant gratification, of any kind. Nor do I look for it. I know what … Continue reading

Beautiful nervousness

The random thoughts of a random morning. Or maybe it is all, but random. Our eyes perceive only 8% of the spectrum of light, we only use 15% of our brain and 60,000 thoughts run through our head every single day. So he seems to come back into her life, over and over, only to … Continue reading

Live true to your heart.

Fear & Fail Conference Talk, 24 September 2014 Vienna Have you ever found yourself telling a friend: “I could serve tables in a coffee shop or sweep the floors, if I had to?” I hope you have. I hope you have had that feeling, that certainty that who you are is far more than your mere … Continue reading

So I stayed, as I loved what I found

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Yes, I miss it every day. I could call this post “Why did I move 8 times in 1 year”. Or “Why fear is not a valid option”. Or “Why a smile makes you stronger”.  Or “Why falling in love feels the same today, as it felt … Continue reading

A fraud, a bad humoured clown

World at large doesn’t really care. How could it?! It has way larger concerns than yours. Then bring it down to YOUR world, and make it shine. Be prepared to be silent for as long as it takes, before you get heard; felt, understood. Be ready to fight your worst fears for your world, your … Continue reading


I can hardly put my thoughts in order. All I know is that I want to write. It’s extremely simple: I’ve made this promise to myself not so long ago, that I won’t live without the things I love. Without doing what inspires me, what moves my heart, what I’ve always longed for… without knowing. … Continue reading

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