I would like

I would like you all to donate 10 euros or 10 dollars on the last Sunday of each month. Your Give a Hand! Sunday

Yes, I have initiated A Hand for A House of Dreams. But it’s not about me. It’s about these children who don’t really have where else to go to, if they cannot stay in this house. Because they are orphans. Or because their parents hardly make a living. Or because they have a stepmother who would harm them and put them in a hospital, as it happened to Bhumesh.

Bhumesh was four when I met him, almost one year and a half ago. When I wanted to caress him, he would shudder and pull himself back. It broke my heart, you could tell something was so wrong there. Before I left, five weeks later, he would come and take my hand, he would not pull back any longer. Can love be thought? Oh, yes, it can. And the good thing is, no matter how old you are.

I would like you all to donate 10 euros today. End next month, on the same day, a Sunday. Because with your 10 euros, one of these children can eat for two weeks. Food for two weeks for a child, your 10 euros. Seema and Nisha were the ones who cooked, twice a day, every day, for all 12-13 of us. Two sisters, fortunately able to live in the same home still, and sleep in the same bed. Unfortunately, motherless children. It’s a pain that never fades.

I would like you all to donate 10 dollars today. Because it’s easy, terribly easy for you to do it. It takes only 10 minutes, and I have included here the time it takes to go grab the wallet and take out the credit card. Because 10 dollars multiplied by 5 is 50 dollars. And 50 dollars is approximately the amount that will cover for the housing, school clothes and school fees, the food and the medical care for one child for an entire month. A child who has no other place to go to. I thought about my own niece many times during the weeks I spent with these children. They were all around the same age, waking up every mornong, going to school, 18 hours apart, in two places that seemed to belong to two diffrent worlds. Yet it’s one life only, pulsing in all of them. In all of us. I’ve showed them pictures of Irina and I, and they draw beautiful, beautiful drawing for her on her birthday. And 18 hours aparat, six months later, Irina took out all the toys from her closets one very late evening, and helped me pack all the dolls and poneys, hairpins and bracelets, pencils and forgotten pencil boxes, she would then give to the children. I did go to the post office with that parcel (a promise it’s a promise), but they wouldn’t receive it: no customs papers. I found a children’s house in Bucharest.

I would like you all to donate 10 euros today. End next month, on the same day, a Sunday. Because Sushant is very sick. And there is no other way we can help him now, than by putting 10 euros near 10 euros, untill the medicines he needs can be bought. Extremely expensive treatment for a country like Nepal.

I would like you all to donate 10 dollars today. End next month, on the same day, a Sunday. Because with almost 10 dollars Kamala can study and improve her English and go to Computer classes for two months. And after six months she could be able to write with confidence to all volunteers, discuss with them, write to me more easily than she does it today.

I would like you to write me and tell me you’ve donated 10 euros or 10 dollars. End that you would donate again next month, on the same day, the last Sunday of the month. Make it your Give a Hand! Sunday


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