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“You’re so vain.”

You’re so vain. You probably think The book is about you. I have accidentally liked my own page, on my own blog. And this is the message I’ve got into my inbox. Because, well, I am subcribed to my own blog, as well! That was not by accident, I was testing the features when I created the blog. … Continue reading

Passers by

As my move to Brussels comes closer and closer, I become wistful. Will I be missing the golden-oragne light shades of our Cafe, the place where I’ve had my first Kaffee in Vienna and equally the place where I meet today one of my closest and dearest friends each time? Will I be missing the tastes from our … Continue reading


My book is published. An almost stand still moment; hold of breath and interruption of thoughts, just a mere sense of emotion, of gratitude. This moment is for all Nepali people I know. For weeks, or days or hours, they’ve lighten up my heart. They’ve been my source of inspiration. There is no dedication line … Continue reading

Taking a step back

What was the motivation that brought you where you are today? Taking a step back, in time and conscience, is necessary for you to know you are still on the right (e.g. wished for) track. Circumstances change, it’s a fact of life. How far have you gone from what you initially wished for? If you … Continue reading

Time melts

I am back in the rush of the days passing by, waiting for a decision, waiting for a call to be made. I did not picture this time. I had no idea how it would be. I only new there would be some months, spare time, for me to find a new path. It’s hard … Continue reading

What if I don’t know

If I don’t know how the story ends, well then, I shall invent an ending. I shall take my liberty to dream sky high, more than reality would allow; I shall destroy all fears and imagine love would still have won. I shall picture wide open yards with spring green grass. White benches. And swings. … Continue reading


Words do carry grace. Like the words of this poem I was given as a gift today. In the stormy moondrifts,  of the world’s highest plateau – there are children’s faces as delicate as snowflakes. This might be a frozen landscape, children parentless,  and paralyzed by cold. yet someone is lighting a fire  on Himalayan … Continue reading

Act, not react

Every time we react, the chances are we will be either harsh, impulsive or unsecure. The truth stays in the action, not in the reaction. So let’s take out time to act, not react.

This time around

This time around, I will do it all differently. I will take all the sorrow away, and I will keep the joy, the laughter, and the sparkle of each and every great moment. I will know that I don’t know. That what I believe it might be the end of this day, may turn out … Continue reading

Love hurts

Again and again, love hurts. Yet again and again we fall for the magic, for the attraction, for the dream, for the game, for the pleasure… we let ourselves cought up in it. Pure chemistry, or pure passion. Deny it, or embrace it. Too soon, or too late. It doesn’t last, or it lasts for … Continue reading

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