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Showing up versus passing by

What we shall find at the end of our day’s or life’s living, is what we’ve deliberately chosen to put effort into, to make time, hold space and grow heart for.
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Caress and sensuality

Writing is caress for my soul and sensuality for my senses. If you have ever been to the point where your whole being was transported into the words you put down on paper, you’ll never be whole again without the exercise of writing. There have been days and days, too long and too narrow, in which I could … Continue reading

Writing turned into therapy. Or vice-versa

Of course the first thought is… Now seriously, Madalina, are you gonna make THIS too, public? Yes, I am just about to. It’s who I am. As all the rest of my writing is. Just one note: make sure you have a good glass of wine at hand, or a chocolate, or a napkin. I … Continue reading

“I love you, sweetheart…” and a bed time story

Mother’s Day… Happy Mother’s Day, mom! You remain the most beautiful woman in my world. You gave me your smile, and I begin to understand, your joyful spirit as well… your love for Life. And if I ever am a mother myself, I hope I won’t forget, that what a child needs the most are … Continue reading

I miss her

I miss my mother tonight. She told me, I would miss her. I did not know how her absence would feel, later on, over years. The pain a child feels over loosing his mother NEVER fades aways. He would feel the void in the mid of the happiest moments, he would feel the pain even … Continue reading

I would like you to

I would like you all to donate 10 euros or 10 dollars today. End next month, on the same day, a Sunday. Give a Hand! Sunday. Yes, I have initiated A Hand for A House of Dreams. But it’s not about me. It’s about these children who don’t really have where else to go to, if they … Continue reading

The essence, not the shape

When the frame is not there (yet), it becomes even more important to focus on the substance. You’re on your path to bulid something that lasts. You want to bring your contribution to the world. You’ve taken upon your shoulders the responsibility of being part of something greater than you. You’re terrified at times, because … Continue reading

For you, my love

All the untouched snows Are for you, my love,  To draw upon them your dreams  With your steps.    All the smiles on all the faces Of small children, Are for you, my love, To make you smile inside.    All the very early mornings With their cold, but oh, so fresh air,  They too, … Continue reading

Nowhere, and everywhere

Is this the fate of those of us who have chosen to try new horizons? ‘Home’ is nowhere, and everywhere. A relief? A burden? Or maybe both. It’s a fact, and must be accepted as such. We belong nowhere, yet we belong everywhere. Tell me, the ones of you who’ve been far and away, do … Continue reading

Life goes on

My knees go soft, I breathe with interruptions. It’s my last day in Vienna. It’s been a long time, it’s been an authentic time. It’s been a time for growing up. I like to pick words, words that best describe a feeling, a moment, a life time, an emotion… a place. My word for Vienna … Continue reading

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