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Living in a House of Dreams

Sajan, Ramesh, Bhumesh, Bijay, Nabin, Shankar, Nisha, Dawa, and Seema. I already know them all, after four days only. And this is because they have such strong personalities. They had to. Sajan is 8 and he wants to be a pilot. He has a sweet little face, with this small spot up left on his … Continue reading

Musk, sacred fire and ‘Three Cups of Tea’

(November 2nd, 2011) To attempt to use a map in Kathmandu is not only completely useless, but also highly annoying. You never get on the right street; or at least, I don’t. So I get lost on my way to Thamel supermarket. I reach the bus stop where we arrived yesterday coming from the temple, … Continue reading

City life

(November 1st, 2011) We made it back to Kathmandu on Saturday, Corine and I. I love her company and I am so happy I have met her. The most beautiful thing is that we can enjoy the silence of each other’s company; I always knew that was the signs you could stay by someone’s side. … Continue reading

One month

(October 24th, 2011) The fields of rice have turned yellow, and the mornings very cold. I have been here one month. It’s twenty to 9, I’ve been up since 6. Today I feel I can write again, and I am happy I can do it. I’ve been only two weeks in school, but I now … Continue reading

The Middle Way

(October 24th, 2011) Buddhism is not a religion, it’s rather philosophy. Whilst Hinduism is full of Gods and rituals, Buddhism is a teaching, a code of morality. The garden where it is believed Buddha was borne, it is a piece of Heaven to me. We leave our shoes at the entrance, and we walk barefoot … Continue reading

Too much

(October 17th, 2011) I am tired. All that is here, it is simply too much. I am overwhelmed with the heat at noon when I go back home from school, the classes can be exhausting, the people can be too much for me. The women. The hard working women of Nepali Terai. I see them … Continue reading


(October 14th, 2011) If there wasn’t for he ends in our lives, we would never reach out for new beginnings. Sometimes we call them, sometimes they are forced upon us. Either way, with all the hassle and struggle they put us though, they do open new horizons. It is only when we have accepted this … Continue reading

The children

(October 12th, 2011) They are the ones who brought me here. Fully hearted, I wished to work with children.  And so I am. The children are adorable. Being among them, I am happy. There is a kind of joy in me, which I rarely feel. It’s peace, when I am with them. Brown eyes. Light … Continue reading

A day like no other

(October 10th, 2011) Betty and Jack, and the Tiger’s Tale   Two explorers, Betty and Jack, Had an ancient magic map, One that could take them far away On wild adventures for a day.   One day at the zoo they saw A mighty tiger give a roar. A sign said ‘Tigers soon may be … Continue reading


(October 6th, 2011) I was about to write about my biking yesterday, about one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen, then staying up late at night up in the bamboo tower … I learn about Steve Jobs’s death. It will still be about a sunset, yet that of life.  Rest in peace, … Continue reading

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