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Nothing ordinary

On the long run, it’s nothing ordinary. I wake up almost every day now, and I must recollect decisions, emotions, choices, encounters with people in my life, that made it all nothing ordinary for me. “There will be days like these, my mama said.” There will be days like these, when all you have is who … Continue reading


Can we go back to being simple?

When did we get so complicated? We must have been born simple, clean. Let us stop talking about “happiness” for a while. Maybe it’s overrated. I stayed three months in Nepal, in the toughest of conditions. It was all natural to all the people who’ve made their homes my home. “Happiness” was never mentioned, in none … Continue reading

The emotion

Terribly beautiful. As the first sunrise you watch with your sweetheart when you are fifteen, as on the first day in school for your child, as on the morning of your wedding day. The whole world ceases to exist for a moment, you’re suspended, apart from everything and above all things. This is the emotion … Continue reading

The story was mine to tell

Stories are important, they can change lives. The stories of these children and of their care taker changed mine. I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today, if it wasn’t for them. I have lived with them for five weeks of my life, at the end of 2011. I was on a journey to … Continue reading


I won’t dive into my memories for a while. I will let them rest. I will let them breathe. I am sure my heart will be calling me back there, from time to time. I am sure the time will come when I will be there again: seeing all the places I’ve left behind, embracing … Continue reading

At people’s mercy

(Untold stories) I will never forget that 100 rupees bill that was almost thrown to my face. He was the manager of a travel agency in Kathmandu, and I was a young foreign woman trying to raise as much money as I could for a sick child’s operation. It was Kamala’s youngest son who had … Continue reading

The hardest moment

(Untold stories) The hardest moment was when Kamala asked me to stay. To extend my visa, to change my flight ticket, to stay one month longer. To stay and take care of the children for her, she would have to go be with her sick son. It’s a bit after 10:30 in the morning … … Continue reading

First things first

(Untold stories) The room is about 4sm per 4sm, it has one bed where Seema and Nisha are sleeping, one small table in the corner and a few plastic chairs we use to welcome the visistors in. But most of the time we sit on the floor. Green floor, a thin green carpet covers the … Continue reading

What I went there for

(Untold stories) It was mid November, and I had by then understood where I really wanted to be was at an orpahange home. My wounds had healed and I was ready to comfort. I was now ready to put myslef face to face with mine growing up, I was now ready to give. And it … Continue reading

False needs and wholehearted people

How do I put in words, what has been the experience of my life? I don’t want to loose anything, I want to tell everything. I found myslef talking about my time in Nepal, about the children, about my hard times and happy times, over and over again in between my travels… and never felt … Continue reading

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