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The story was mine to tell

Stories are important, they can change lives. The stories of these children and of their care taker changed mine. I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today, if it wasn’t for them. I have lived with them for five weeks of my life, at the end of 2011. I was on a journey to … Continue reading

Early mornings

Slightly dusted. Like a book hidden in a back raw of the library, a book you haven’t reached out to for quite some time. So you need to wipe of the dust; a mere blow would do. Then, you can begin the rediscovery, It’s familiar, you feel you’ve been here before. Small terraces at street corners, where … Continue reading

“You’re so vain.”

You’re so vain. You probably think The book is about you. I have accidentally liked my own page, on my own blog. And this is the message I’ve got into my inbox. Because, well, I am subcribed to my own blog, as well! That was not by accident, I was testing the features when I created the blog. … Continue reading

Most importantly

Have you ever found yourself telling a friend: I could serve tables in a coffee shop or sweep the floors, if I had to!, being perfectly aware that your value as an individual does not necessary resides in what you do for a living in a certain moment in life? Knowing that who you are won’t … Continue reading

Won’t live without

Decide upon what is it you don’t want to live without, and you’re done. No second thoughts, no mixed emotions. I won’t live without family and friends. Without love, trust and respect. Without dancing. Without children. Without the sun and the sea. Without smiles, open minds and warm hearts. Without God. The rest… I’ll somehow … Continue reading

LA Vie est belle…

This was a week with a story. En francais. Today has been the fifth day in a roll when I find myself in a place with French (speaking) personnes. It was in a print shop and two filles francaises were chatting over a quick net search… Yesterday I got on the metro and shortly after … Continue reading

Toast proposals

Dan, from me to you. To a friend who tells me I deserve to smile To a long night talk I would never let to be forgiven To a friend I thought I’d lost, and cried inside To the memories that help us live To the courage of being who you are To the small lies which make life … Continue reading

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