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The other time when I recall to have stayed up all night watching the world out there unfold on TV, was when our communist president Ceausescu was executed back in December 1989. I was 11 then, a terrified child spectator. And then it was last night. I must have fallen asleep at around 2-3 am, and … Continue reading

A beautiful day

What is a beautiful day? For me, it’s a day in which you feel alive with every cell of your being. A day when you realize everything and everyone you love the most, are here, now, with you. Today. A day in which your life unfoalds as in your most beautiful dreams…. and you can’t … Continue reading

Like me like you used to do

Like me like you used to do, before. And I promise I’ll try to do the same for you. For you as an individual, for your work, your dreams and ambitions, your successes and failures. For everything you share with me. Validate me or reject me. Love me or hate me. Argue with me or … Continue reading

My Oscars night

There is this saying, that greatest of truths are told with a smile. I want to say Thank you! once more, from the bottom of my heart, to a few people who’ve shaped my character over time. Because without them, I have no doubt whatsoever, I would find myself in a completely different reality today. … Continue reading

Tony’s photography

I couldn’t sleep last night… various reasons. And when you can’t sleep, your imagination starts taking flips in the air… you know, plunges, jumps round and round, flies even. It’s usually around the things that’d touched you or the people you’ve resonated with somehow. Or both. Tony’s photography belongs to an art gallery. At least … Continue reading


I have never met Camelia. And most probably, I never will. But I came across her pictures earlier today on facebook.  It’s her smile that charms you, And immediately after, you ask yourself about the contrast between the two photos. What is her story? She’s 23. She’s Romanian. And late spring 2012 life took a twist … Continue reading

On the rocks

This is how the year ended. With bare feet on the rocks. It’s all been said, it’s all been lived before. We know. But well, this is our time around; and we’re not spared, neither the happiness, nor the misery. Try to think about it for a while: what if, everything IS in vain? Quite … Continue reading


It was September’s horoscope I believe, which read: ‘dear Sagittarius, you’re ready to take off’. Delayed. Like the plane supposed to bring me back to Brussels just before New Year’s Eve. In between, this goes out to the one(s) I love.  

Growing apart

It happens, in life. That we’re growing apart. In our loves, in our marriages, in our friendships. A test of time or a test of will? Heart or reason? Choice or chance? Trust could be the answer. Don’t doubt the yesterdays. Don’t ask more than it’s possible from today. And say a little prayer for … Continue reading


I can hardly put my thoughts in order. All I know is that I want to write. It’s extremely simple: I’ve made this promise to myself not so long ago, that I won’t live without the things I love. Without doing what inspires me, what moves my heart, what I’ve always longed for… without knowing. … Continue reading

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