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How far down the road can we see?

The future is not ours to tell. It is ours to wish for, ours to dream of and ours to fill in with our joy and laughs and tears. And it is not ours to tell. Tomorrow onwards is a twist of fate. We should let the future show us what we do. We should … Continue reading

Here and now

The more I advance in this new life of mine, one full of changes and constant need for adaptation, the more I am convinced nothing is permanent. In the sense that nothing stays the same, there are no eternities and for sure there are no certainties. For anything, from love divine to the guiltiest of … Continue reading

A fraud, a bad humoured clown

World at large doesn’t really care. How could it?! It has way larger concerns than yours. Then bring it down to YOUR world, and make it shine. Be prepared to be silent for as long as it takes, before you get heard; felt, understood. Be ready to fight your worst fears for your world, your … Continue reading

We, the Nokians

NOKIA connected people long before Facebook and long before the ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’ generation I once wrote about with sadness and disappointment. NOKIA equalled we, the Nokians. It was end of 2005, winter time, my beloved time of the year. I was 27, old to some, very young to some. To me, I was a … Continue reading

Can we go back to being simple?

When did we get so complicated? We must have been born simple, clean. Let us stop talking about “happiness” for a while. Maybe it’s overrated. I stayed three months in Nepal, in the toughest of conditions. It was all natural to all the people who’ve made their homes my home. “Happiness” was never mentioned, in none … Continue reading

Badly in love

I miss writing, badly. So what better treatment than write?! About a year ago, July 9th, 2012 it was, I was writing this What was the motivation that brought you where you are today? Taking a step back, in time and conscience, is necessary for you to know you are still on the right (e.g. … Continue reading

“I love you, sweetheart…” and a bed time story

Mother’s Day… Happy Mother’s Day, mom! You remain the most beautiful woman in my world. You gave me your smile, and I begin to understand, your joyful spirit as well… your love for Life. And if I ever am a mother myself, I hope I won’t forget, that what a child needs the most are … Continue reading

What is Love for you

What is Love for you? I asked Love is being there longterm to hold someone’s hand through the ups and downs of life. This encompasses the love of partners, parents, siblings and friends. (Patricia Petrlik) One of the hardest, but most genuine aspects of Love, is being there for someone the way they need you to … Continue reading

Doing what you love doesn’t pay the bills

False. Doing what you love may not pay the bills (entirely) for about two, three years. For about two, three years you might be out there on the edge, working 12 hours a day, sometimes 7 days out of 7. But who invented the 5 work days week, anyway? Who said when you should work … Continue reading

How beautiful are we?

The most beautiful people I know are the people who’ve tested their will, strengths and limits at some point in time, along their lives. The people who, above all, have put their hearts to tests. Why are we so afraid of being hurt? We get hurt, it’s in the nature of things. It shows we … Continue reading

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