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Notice your gaze whilst you walk down the street. Do your eyes reach for the blue sky, or do they get drained by the heavy pavement, always at your feet? Because eventually the blue sky will look back into your blue eyes and say: “Okay, I’ll have you.”

I couldn’t quite see it

I couldn’t quite see it when it started. I would have bet on the contrary few months into it, in fact. And then I remembered. I believe is steady successes. I believe in hard work and crazy determination. I don’t buy into instant gratification, of any kind. Nor do I look for it. I know what … Continue reading

A dialogue on happiness

Sweetheart. You’re so tensed. You’re so unhappy. You’ve set for yourself these thousands of rules and you wouldn’t be able to say if they are really yours or if they have been imposed on you. You wouldn’t be able to say if you’re living your mother’s life, your father’s life, your brother’s, your friend’s… They life of every person at some moment in your life thought they may know better than you. Continue reading

So I stayed, as I loved what I found

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Yes, I miss it every day. I could call this post “Why did I move 8 times in 1 year”. Or “Why fear is not a valid option”. Or “Why a smile makes you stronger”.  Or “Why falling in love feels the same today, as it felt … Continue reading

Nothing ordinary

On the long run, it’s nothing ordinary. I wake up almost every day now, and I must recollect decisions, emotions, choices, encounters with people in my life, that made it all nothing ordinary for me. “There will be days like these, my mama said.” There will be days like these, when all you have is who … Continue reading

To confess

It’s not the connotation of guilt, of having done something wrong or regretful, I see in this word. To admit, to acknowledge, to share – is what to confess is to me. What this year taught me, is that to confess is one of the hardest things. Because this act in itself peals off all … Continue reading

Running through my head

The things I had and never owned, The loves I loved and couldn’t dare, The souls I crashed and didn’t care. The words I’ve written, never told, The moments hoped and never hold, The stolen smiles and walked on miles. The years passed that left me weak, The days new-born that made me weep, The … Continue reading

Will you be my Valentine?

Well, it seemed appropriate for this time of the year, too. For when we rest, our minds rest and our hearts speak. This time last year I was fighting depression. I said I’d write about this experience now and then, so bear with me. It’s actually reveling and this, too, should be taken with a … Continue reading

Is there maturity of the soul?

When the world was made, when our souls sparkled, the stories of our lives were written. There is this story that says our matches are made in Heaven. That long before you’ve known it, we’ve been, in fact, send out on journey on which we would never be alone; on which we would love the … Continue reading

The life in our years

It’s not about the years in our life, it’s about the life in our years. If you can stay curious, open, humble and honest, passionate and crazy, you have a go at being genuinely happy. If you learn to be caring and considerate, you let the others taste a bit – or a lot – … Continue reading

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