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Despre un oras de care mi-a fost dor precum mi-a fost dor de viata din mine

Sunt doi ani de cand nu am mai scris. Scriu in romana, si mi-e drag de ma topesc. Voi face greseli si zau ca nu imi pasa. Vreau sa va povestesc de cum am simtit ca mi se ineaca plamanii de aerul greu, in prima zi. De cum au durut prima imbratisare cu Bucurestiul, si … Continue reading

Showing up versus passing by

What we shall find at the end of our day’s or life’s living, is what we’ve deliberately chosen to put effort into, to make time, hold space and grow heart for.
Continue reading

Blind folded, stone hearted dancers

Depression is a demon and an angel twingled in the most spine chiling dance you’ve ever seen. Continue reading

On dignity

Did you know that at least 350 million people live with depression, and that it is the leading cause of disability worldwide in terms of total years lost due to disability? Did you know that because of the stigma that is often still attached to depression, many fail to acknowledge that they are ill, and do not seek treatment? Did you know that almost 1 million people take their own lives each year, and that for every person who commits suicide, there are 20 or more who make an attempt? This is one of the conversations that matters to me today. Continue reading

An interpretaion of Argentinean love

The voice cannot possibly betray. It’s linked to the soul. (…) So the singer remains true to this feeling, and his voice carries us there… Soft and deep, melancholy and painfully sober. Continue reading

निर्वाण (Quieted)

We won’t see our signs out there, in the confusion and dust of all chases. Our being quieted shall allow for connecting to the wisdom of our hearts. Continue reading

The world goes on, regardless. We don’t

You see, there’s this immediate urging of today’s factual existance that requires your full presence. Yesterday doesn’t need, nor requires, your rioting. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, therefore refrain yourself from fretting about it. Continue reading

Life After Facebook (Or A Military Withdrawal)

5 days after having deactivated my Facebook account, days feel 5 times longer. Thoughts gain weight. Stuff that matters gets done. A sense of quietness fills the days up. […]

Love this trial. No fuss, no riot. No hanging on the noise. No WASTED time. Tons of wasted time… No scattered emotions, disturbed and disturbing ado. Facebook, you’re so not missed. Continue reading

Red Wine Dark Chocolate Truffles (When Christmas is Right)

It tastes like red wine dark chocolate truffles. It’s flavoured and giddy. It’s bitter-sweet. It’s red and fervid. It’s all but rush. It’s a time for laughter with tears and red lips. It’s silk and velvet little black dresses and stories of what love could be. It’s friends and hand-made paper decorations. It’s a fluffy … Continue reading


Funny that I thought only bad, law, dark feelings  could get one feeling scattered. Intense positive emotions do that, too.

Feel some loving. See when I write something new.