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The emotion

Terribly beautiful. As the first sunrise you watch with your sweetheart when you are fifteen, as on the first day in school for your child, as on the morning of your wedding day. The whole world ceases to exist for a moment, you’re suspended, apart from everything and above all things. This is the emotion … Continue reading

On the rocks

This is how the year ended. With bare feet on the rocks. It’s all been said, it’s all been lived before. We know. But well, this is our time around; and we’re not spared, neither the happiness, nor the misery. Try to think about it for a while: what if, everything IS in vain? Quite … Continue reading


It was September’s horoscope I believe, which read: ‘dear Sagittarius, you’re ready to take off’. Delayed. Like the plane supposed to bring me back to Brussels just before New Year’s Eve. In between, this goes out to the one(s) I love.  

Growing apart

It happens, in life. That we’re growing apart. In our loves, in our marriages, in our friendships. A test of time or a test of will? Heart or reason? Choice or chance? Trust could be the answer. Don’t doubt the yesterdays. Don’t ask more than it’s possible from today. And say a little prayer for … Continue reading


I can hardly put my thoughts in order. All I know is that I want to write. It’s extremely simple: I’ve made this promise to myself not so long ago, that I won’t live without the things I love. Without doing what inspires me, what moves my heart, what I’ve always longed for… without knowing. … Continue reading

Early mornings

Slightly dusted. Like a book hidden in a back raw of the library, a book you haven’t reached out to for quite some time. So you need to wipe of the dust; a mere blow would do. Then, you can begin the rediscovery, It’s familiar, you feel you’ve been here before. Small terraces at street corners, where … Continue reading

Some memories

Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again. (Willa Sibert Cathe) Memories, moments we never set free. We never let go. We sometimes mix them up, unwillingly. Like I do now, thinking of when I was a child, back home, it was the holy night and the smell … Continue reading

Walk the line

Think about circumstances. Think about choices. Think about chances. That’s how we build what we have, that’s how we become who we are: by not ignoring the circumstances, by understanding that all of us are fully responsible for our choices, by creating our chances. Bonjour, Madame!, when I stop at Ibis hotel close to Gare … Continue reading

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