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Blind folded, stone hearted dancers


So I yesterday I found it was Depression Awareness Week this week. And I though: ‘Oh, splendid! This one I know some bits and pieces about. :)’

The ones of you who know me well, know that I won’t be silenced on what matters to me. You know I’m damn stubborn to see people through, to see people thrive, whole, shinging and bright. It’s the essence of us all, and it doesn’t really matter – for the point I’ll be traying to make here today – what was it that nubmed this beautiful human essence of ours.

The world we live in has it’s demons: wars, famine, sicknesses, discrapancies amongts poorless of the poor to the richest of the rich that set us all on the stage of shame; hate, judgment, meanness… Feel free to carry on. It also has ingnorance. The worst of demons and the one I truly don’t befriend at all.

The world we live in has it’angels: firends for life, loving families, twin flames, healers, children, the jungles and the deep blue seas; the sun, the smiles and all the laughters and good willed fellows, the innocents still, and the naives. The dreamers and the believers.

Depression is a demon and an angel tangled in the most spine chiling dance you’ve ever seen. They’ve decided they wouldn’t let go of one another for nothing in this world of demons and angels. When they don’t stumble, hit and trun, and push and pull… they’re skin to sking, bone to bone, heart to heart. Yet, one essential piece is missing. They don’t feel each other, and they don’t see each other. Blind folded, stone hearted dancers. So you see, their dance is a painful, excruciating, exhausting effort. It could end. They could at any moment let go of one another. Yet they don’t. And there’s no music either, except from the two seperate, enterely out of sink tunes, playing out laud in their heads.

Do you want to know how it ends? They kiss.

(I’ve tried. All I could come up with this morning. Please, don’t be ignorant of this dance, whenever and wherever you may see the slightest resemblence of it. You may save a life.)





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I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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