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The world goes on, regardless. We don’t


olj_The world goes on regardless

The world goes on, regardless of our being present or not.

We don’t go on, regardless of our being present or not. By being present I don’t mean going through the thread mill deafly, blindly, and emotions proof. By being present, I understand being responsible for one’s beling alive.

You see, there’s this immediate urging of today’s factual existance that requires your full presence. Yesterday doesn’t need, nor requires, your rioting. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, therefore refrain yourself from fretting about it.

But do take full responsibility for today. For the love you feel. For the pain you feel. For your silence and equally for your words. For your actions, most importantly. There’s nothing more damaging to one’s body and spirit, than numbing and ingnoring one’s present day.

One more catch: Nobody needs the drama. You, the least of all people, are better off without it. Plus, time waits for nobody. Every day you let pass by without paying full attention, it’s a day lost. That’d be still okay. But this lost today becomes the realiy of your tomorrow.

Your true beauty lays in your empowerment. And your empowerment relies on your being perfect in all your imperfections and in your being as vulnerable as you can let yourself be. On your opening up on your truth.

Feel what is here and now to be felt. Don’t numb yourself away.

Trust today, fully.





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I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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