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Life After Facebook (Or A Military Withdrawal)

5 days after having deactivated my Facebook account, I live a life that’s FULL.

Almost got ya! It’s pretty cool, though. Woke up this morning with a whole blog post writing itself behind my closed eyes. It was titled “Facebook withdrawal”. It was sometime around 6.30am; we’re at 12:52pm as I write. Yes, the storyline it’s pretty much gone. Still have the “withdrawal” with me. And I only remember it having started with “I wonder when Facebook withdrawal catches me…” And that I’d met quite a few of those already. The Facebook one would be far from the worst! I’d had nailed some disastrous ones elegantly before. Nah… I’m bragging.

5 days after having deactivated my Facebook account, days feel 5 times longer. Thoughts gain weight. Stuff that matters gets done. A sense of quietness fills the days up. I hear people’s voices. Literally, now. Calling people when I want to tell them this and that. Plus 40 friends’ requests lined up in a blink of an eye, seemingly. Thus, this is for you, all my former 903 Facebook contacts on January 5th: I am not ignoring you. I’m simply not handing around there any longer.

Love it. No fuss, no rioting. No hanging on the noise. No WASTED time. Tons of wasted time… No scattered emotions, disturbed and alienating ado. Facebook, you’re so not missed.

But hey, I have to give you this one. What you display when one searches for “withdrawal” reads:

About Withdrawal


For other uses, see Withdrawal (disambiguation).

A withdrawal is a type of military operation, generally meaning retreating forces back while maintaining contact with the enemy. A withdrawal may be undertaken as part of a general retreat, to consolidate forces, to occupy ground that is more easily defended, or to lead the enemy into an ambush. It is considered a relatively risky operation, requiring discipline to keep from turning into a disorganized rout or at the very least doing severe damage to the military‘s morale.”

The 43rd Like over there is mine.

PS  The new Facebook account you’ve found, I’ve created in order to be able to administrate the book & blog Facebook page and A Hand For A House Of Dreams page. You should know about these two pages!
PPS  Credit for featured image: Living Intentions

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