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Nothing ordinary

On the long run, it’s nothing ordinary. I wake up almost every day now, and I must recollect decisions, emotions, choices, encounters with people in my life, that made it all nothing ordinary for me.

“There will be days like these, my mama said.” There will be days like these, when all you have is who you are. When you have to take that choice every single moment, over and over again. Because there’s no one else to take it for you. The choice of living true to yourself. Only after you’ve spent years of practicing this, too, it may become easier. Bearable. Not so scary. You’re not afraid any longer. You learn to trust that choice, you learn to live your life.

Somehow instinctively, not fully aware, I’ve always lived by the belief that it is all about the people in our lives. About what we give and about what we learn to receive. About taking it that one step further, and speaking it all out loud. It’s not about you and me, this life. It’s about us. It’s about sharing, loving, daring, confessing, accepting, and sometimes denying. It’s about what people remember of you. It’s about the seeds you planted in people’s hearts. It’s about the thoughts you’ve planted in people’s minds.

Life runs. Time waits for nobody… And there will always be, in the hardest of moments, somebody somewhere, to lift you up, to remind you of yourself, to let you believe you count. To tell you that, on a long run, there’s nothing ordinary.

Alina is one of my dearest of all people. If there’s something I’ll always remember of her, are her light, her honesty, her warmth and her generosity, and yes, her smile. Alina is a friend you don’t see in years, and when you do, for only an hour, your day brightens up. It’s just… pure, simple, happiness. Without you knowing of it, Alina, I woke up today with my kids in mind and with everything that journey of mine from two years ago had become. It’s not a singular experience any longer. There are people who care, who have shared their most sincere thoughts and feelings with me. Who are here day by day, depending on my presence, too. You see, for people like you and them, I choose to carry on. Grateful.

What you chose to share with me, helps me carry on. Thank you, so much. It was on the 5th of April 2012 when you wrote of me, and you see, there is a reason for which you send it to me, just now 🙂 I miss you!


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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