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Is there maturity of the soul?

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When the world was made, when our souls sparkled, the stories of our lives were written. There is this story that says our matches are made in Heaven. That long before you’ve known it, we’ve been, in fact, send out on journey on which we would never be alone; on which we would love the most and learn the hardest from our soul mates.

I look back on all the ones I’ve loved; they are very few. What I’ve been through, with them and through them, are relationships who marked my life for good. There were the deepest, most intense, passionate and romantic of relationships. Equally, those were the most challenging ones. The hardest ones. Sometime ago, I would have said they didn’t last. As time went by, I’ve realized they do in fact last forever. The love you felt for someone who had once looked through you, with whom you felt you connected completely and beyond reason, in whom you dissolved yourself and in whom saw your brightest of virtues and your darkest of faults, this love, is eternal.

It’s seems ment to be. The love between two soul mates. They seem ment to find each other; they recognize each other, eye to eye and heart to heart. For the very few times when encounters like these happen along one life time, reason is given the chance to take a rest. And we should let it rest and trust the sound of ours solus instead; they know some things. Yet, the souls mates test each other, mirror each other, break each other – only to make each other grow. This is why, maybe, the greatest of romantic relationships and the deepest of friendships, only last through the essence of what love is: the change a soul nurtures and forces upon another soul. They rarely fall into mediocrity, conventions or boredom; they consume, they burn with the highest of flames. And from the ashes, the only thing that seems to have remained, the two souls are reborn and redeemed.

Is there maturity of the soul? Do we ever, in a life time, grow our soul enough not to let a soul mate go?


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I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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