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How far down the road can we see?

The future is not ours to tell. It is ours to wish for, ours to dream of and ours to fill in with our joy and laughs and tears. And it is not ours to tell.

Tomorrow onwards is a twist of fate. We should let the future show us what we do. We should learn to let tomorrow call upon todays.

We think that a decision we take today shall weight upon the course of our lives for years to come. It is only true in the essence of our choices. I am talking about how well we listen to our hearts, how carefully we care about our dear ones, how much we want to give love a chance or how we stand behind our innermost believes. The practical steps, the way a dream will build, the paths, the projects, the jobs, the people, the opportunities, the failures and the success, in the details they all shall manifest into our lives from tomorrow onwards – these are pieces of the puzzle we don’t yet have.

Let us understand that the decision of today shall remain the best decision for today. And that’s all to it. Don’t try so hard on projecting how your whole future will look like. Don’t make the mistake to put immense weight on your shoulders, when faced with taking a decision today, from believing that your life will be drastically affected by what you chose. It shall not be. Just bring your mind down into your heart, let it rest there, and decide from that place where you don’t lie to yourself. From that place where there’s no fear, and there’s no worry about the future.

It is only from one day to another, that we get the answers. It is by resting and observing how some courses of action develop almost effortlessly, how some people just catch out minds and hearts instantly and passionately, in what feels almost like a fraction of a second, when looking at the large scale of time. It is by allowing ourselves to be absorbed by actions that respond to the calls of our hearts, that we know, ultimately, where we belong, and whom we belong with.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to listen to your hearts. Do it as often as you can. Do it every day. Do it every hour. Do it every word, every kiss, every hug, every “hello” and every “good bye”; every “forgive me” and every “I love you”, every “I miss you” and every “In need you”. Do it every decision.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be missing chances after chances of being true to yourself, of being the person you truly are or hope to become. Of living a life that at the end of it, when you’re old and helpless and all you have are your memories, shall allow you to die with your hands on your heart and say: “This is how I’ve lived, true to my heart.”


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I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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