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What is Love for you

What is Love for you? I asked

Love is being there longterm to hold someone’s hand through the ups and downs of life. This encompasses the love of partners, parents, siblings and friends. (Patricia Petrlik)

One of the hardest, but most genuine aspects of Love, is being there for someone the way they need you to be there for them, when they need you to be there for them and only if they need you to be there for them. To love them for who they truly are, against of who you might want, like or badly need them to be. To learn to care for them they way they need it, to learn to express your love the way they only understand it.

Do we tend to confuse I love you with  If I love you, will you love me back? Do we fall into the trap of thinking (our kind of) love has to come with (similar) love in return? Have you ever told someone, a partner, a parent, a sibling or a friend: I’ve always been there for you unconditionally! And you are here for me only when you want to be here for me, only when you choose to be here for me… Damn it! 

Love is being there for someone especially when it hurts. When you don’t receive love in return. When you feel unsecure and fragile. Love is never stopping to believe that the connection which once existed between your two hearts, it will always be there. Remain in the lives of the ones you love, even if they seem to have left yours.

Love is when you wish the well-being of the other person, knowing that if the other person is going well you will be also well. And not expecting from others to do something to make you feel good… (Vera Palaoro)

This is Trust. More than Love, I would say. The hardest to gain, and the easiest to lose. Treat love with velvet gloves…, says the song. Treat trust with the best you have in you. You nurture it every single day, with every word, with every smile, with every question, with every answer. Treat love with the conviction that putting the other one first, at times, it’s all that’s needed. For if he or she is saved, you are, too. Love because you want to see them happy, the ones you love. Because their smile make your word smile… because their well-being is the greatest thing you might ever get in return.

Take the first step, if you must. Dare, if you wish. Be the one who invites magic into your lives… You may be surprised of what magic can do! Of course we need our loves to make us happy. They wouldn’t be loves, I would say, if it were any different. But there is a slight difference between loving and waiting to love...

Love is what remains when anything else fades or is powerless. Really. (Cristina Enescu)

Love is what remains when you’re scared, broken into pieces, powerless, senseless, even. Love is what remains when reason is out for a long walk, without saying when it will return. If, it will return. Love is what saves you, love is what redeems you. Love is, sometimes, all you got.


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