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Doing what you love doesn’t pay the bills


Doing what you love may not pay the bills (entirely) for about two, three years. For about two, three years you might be out there on the edge, working 12 hours a day, sometimes 7 days out of 7. But who invented the 5 work days week, anyway? Who said when you should work and when you shouldn’t. You work when you want.

Three might very well be the magic number here, too. Three years when you’re willing to build your dream. Hard work, but happy, meaningful work. An effort ment to eventually set you free. The trick is, to have enough trust in yourself and in what you do, to keep on going through the dark days and months. Of course these will be there, too. And what saved me through the dark times, was undoubtedly the belief that what I was doing, was fully meaningful. To me. To my life. To my world. Break-off the references. Your life doesn’t come with prescriptions; it’s the society that seems to impose certain rules. So then, as someone far brighter then I am once said, learn them well enough to be able to play by them better than anyone else. To eventually break them (in style. no one will notice ;)). To gain the freedom to set your own rules. For who you are. For your life, For what you love.

Dare to start from somewhere. To start, has proven to be the hardest thing of all. To take that one first step. When you don’t feel ready (you’re never ready, let’s be honest), when you don’t have all the answers, when you feel you’re back to first grade and that whole world of learning is just ahead of you, Sisyphus’ mountain. Grab a pan and a paper and write it down. Write down who you think you are. Who you think “they” think you are, or should be. Then compare these two. Fascinating!! And terrifying, as it may be. Then filter “them”; you’ll end up with about three to five persons you have in your life whose opinions of you truly matter. To you. To who you are. Or aspire to become. The rest, you’ll just have to learn to ignore. They’ll always tell it’s impossible; or they won’t tell you, they will think it. Even worse.

Free your world, but stay realistic. Get to know what you are really, really best at. It won’t come as a surprise, again, that what you’re really best at, is what you love. And this love will hold you through, will redeem you, will save you. Though the years of your life.

Do what you love. The future might as well take care of itself.


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I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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