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How beautiful are we?

The most beautiful people I know are the people who’ve tested their will, strengths and limits at some point in time, along their lives. The people who, above all, have put their hearts to tests.

Why are we so afraid of being hurt? We get hurt, it’s in the nature of things. It shows we are alive, it shows there is life, and there are hopes and dreams running through our veins. Why are we so afraid of being hurt, of being disappointed? Maybe because we are afraid we wouldn’t have enough belief left in our actions having called for that disappointment, any longer. The most beautiful people I know are not afraid of being hurt; pain is not a show stopper for them. Because they love, they burn, they feel and think, at highest intensities. The beautiful, slightly crazy ones of this world.

We are most beautiful when we smile. Why don’t we, then, smile more often? What is it, that keeps us from smiling more often? I know, the worries, the failures, the heart breaks, the broken dreams. What about the strength of picking-up the pieces? Have you ever stopped, for a second at least, to think how beautiful you are  when you have pulled though one more moment of sorrow? That effort it’s worth your wide open smile.

I’m not saying life is always bright and shiny, quite on the contrary. What I’m saying, is we have a choise: to dare for the next sunny day, to grab that second chance… and the third one, and the fourth one if so may be. To never, never, never stop believing in how beautiful we are. Or to become bitter, cynical, dense; what a waste.

This was supposed to be a positive note… I am smiling now.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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