A Hand for a House of Dreams

I would count on you to

I would count on you to doubt, question, consider and reconsider all the reasons for which you would give a hand. It’s important that we base our decisions on solid grounds. Of course, I am not talking about the decision of whether or not you should go talk with that cute guy at the bar (although, tomorrow he might not come, and you never know what you might lose) – but about whether or not to pick up on one more responsibility.

Why would you? Life is a hassle as it is, anyway. Yes, it is a hassle. Until we stop regarding it as such. Until we start to discern between what really matters and what doesn’t matter at all. Until we grow up.

Many people I believe would connect the moment of their growing up or that of their becoming more aware of their part in this whole puzzle life builds, with that of their becoming a parent. The moment you become responsible for another being, your life is most likely to change. No, sorry. Wrong. The manner you regard life is most likely to change. Or, another similar moment could be that of getting married, of taking the responsibility of a family. This is slightly different, though. You’re both grown ups, you lean on each other, but you could stand on your own still.

One looks for responsibility, when one is ready for it. This would be the natural path. Because should responsibility be thrown at you to handle it, and provided you had no choise, you would handle it; but it could come with a struggle that would potentially nurture a kind of rejection which sooner or later, would burst out. Leaving destruction behind.

I would really count on each and every one of you to give it a thought. What we are trying to do, is secure the lives of these children. The way we can, from this other side of the world. To support this family to go through the fragile situation they find themselves in today. This is the though I left Kathmandu with late 2011: if I could find adoptive sponsors for these children, far away and yet so close care takers, I would have done my part. And I believe this might have very well been the first time in my life when despite all obstacles, the painful and emotionally heavy moments I’ve had to endure along the way, I have managed not to give up. Not for the sake of not giving up as a pure concept in itself, not at all. This concept can be a trap to fall into, I begin to understand; it’s what you don’t give up for  that matters. And for me it has been the pure, undoubted belief, that the effort was worth it. That something good awaited me, us all, if only we had managed to resist, continue to take one step after another.

Responsibility changes you for good. And trust me, for the better!


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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