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Calemia wen kleinI have never met Camelia. And most probably, I never will. But I came across her pictures earlier today on facebook.  It’s her smile that charms you, And immediately after, you ask yourself about the contrast between the two photos. What is her story?

She’s 23. She’s Romanian. And late spring 2012 life took a twist for her: she learned she was suffering from leukemia; just like that, out of a rather random examination of a tooth. What would you do? Would your world collapse? Maybe. I tell you what she did: she started writing. She calls the hospital she spends her weeks and months into, “Hawaii”. She writes, she talks, she hopes. She cries, she smiles. She’s 23.

It’s just a bit unfair. I know that most beautiful individuals get to go through the toughest tests in this life. But the way she fights back… or maybe it’s not even a fight. It’s just serene acceptance.

Anyway, somewhere in Bucharest, in club called Arcub, at 22h00 at night, a hand of actors will get on the stage and play for Calemia. I love theater, and when I left Romania, part of my heart remained there, on the Romanian theater scenes… I can’t be there tonight to put some money in the box that will be waiting at the exit door. But I can write.

Her smile is far too beautiful to go. I think the world would be poorer without it. She’s Camelia.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.



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