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“You’re so vain.”

You’re so vain. You probably think The book is about you. I have accidentally liked my own page, on my own blog. And this is the message I’ve got into my inbox. Because, well, I am subcribed to my own blog, as well! That was not by accident, I was testing the features when I created the blog. I’ve kept the subscription, though. Well… the subject line today goes like this: [onelovejourney] You liked your own post: “The book”. Hah!

That’s the trick. Not to become vain. Conceited, presumptuous, cocky or arrogant. Even if this book is out today, it’s not (all) about me. It’s about an experience I was given to live; don’t know if I deserved that. About the people I’ve had by my side, all the time; don’t know if I’ve always rememberd to thank them. About the dream my brother has dreamt for me; he was the one who, mid January this year, on January 18th to be more precice, wrote me this email:

I am thinking, you could write a book. In electronic format, eBook for Kindle. And to sell it on If you put together all you blog posts, and other writings… and the earnings would go to the children in Nepal.

So it’s not (all) about me, despite of my ego reciaming it. I wish it would get sold though, in thousands and thousands of pieces, beacuse I have written from the heart and I’ve persued this project with my brother and all my dear ones in mind; and because the earnings will go to the children in Nepal. There is no other way. I will do what I know and what I can for this to happen. Starting from this one request to you: like the book’s page on facebook, share it, and tell your close ones what it’s all about. When it comes to traditional publishers considering volumes, or sponsors considering putting money into distrubution – well, numbers count. Thank you.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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