Time melts

I am back in the rush of the days passing by, waiting for a decision, waiting for a call to be made. I did not picture this time. I had no idea how it would be. I only new there would be some months, spare time, for me to find a new path.

It’s hard not to give in to the circumstance of our lives; it’s even harder to refuse to understand the reality that surrounds you. What’s in a dream? Can be your full being, your full heart, your entire soul. I would say, don’t give up on your dreams. But equally strong I would advice, if I may: don’t be too stubborn, keep your eyes open on the way the path unfolds, it may very well bring you means of fulfilling your aspirations, you haven’t thought of.

Is it the extent, or the essence of what we do, that matters most? I tend to say the essence. Don’t measure in numbers, measure in intent, in the will, in the passion, in the love, that are put in any attempt. Time melts over our dayly struggles; late at night, if one good thought remains, if one good word was said, if one more step was made, it should be enough.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


2 thoughts on “Time melts

  1. Madalina, ce mai faci? unde esti?

    Posted by ra'ah zaqen | June 14, 2012, 10:22 PM

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