What I went there for

(Untold stories)

It was mid November, and I had by then understood where I really wanted to be was at an orpahange home. My wounds had healed and I was ready to comfort. I was now ready to put myslef face to face with mine growing up, I was now ready to give.

And it became so clear, through all my five weeks of living in that house of dreams God put my way, that what a child really needs is love, is care and attention. Is the feeling of being protected. Everything else you might offer him, is secondary.

The home exploded with good energy. The moment I entered, I felt it. It was just there, so powerful, so strong, and it filled up my body. The sight of a bringht home, painted walls with colored drawings, so many pictures and paintings on the walls to speak of the time others had lived there. Seema opening the yard gate to me, as she would do so many times after. Her stopping and standing in the front door of the house, with a somehow sad look, and a way to mature an expression on her face, I would get a clearer glipmse of later on at times. The children were all at home, it was afternoon when I arrived that first day of November 22nd. They quickly filled up the hall way, gathered around me and gave me one of the warmest welcomes I had ever been given. I knew, instantly, I was at peace.

I don’t quite remember what I did that day. I only remember how I felt when I entered the house, and I remember the sight of the kids. After almost two months, I had found what I went there for.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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