Living in a House of Dreams

Sajan, Ramesh, Bhumesh, Bijay, Nabin, Shankar, Nisha, Dawa, and Seema. I already know them all, after four days only. And this is because they have such strong personalities. They had to.

Sajan is 8 and he wants to be a pilot. He has a sweet little face, with this small spot up left on his lip, which we all remember.  He’s kind.

Ramesh is 11 and he wants to work in the British Army. He’s a magician, a poet, a karate kid, and a joker; all in his spare time.

Bhumesh is … too little and too fragile. His mother died the next day he was born. We all try to take care of him.

Bijay is 11, too. He’s quiet, contemplative. Or simply has too much on his heart and on his mind. He’s birthday is on November 30th, we’re gonna celebrate our birthdays together this year!

Nabin is 16, the man of the house. When something needs to be fixed, and he’s not around, we’re sort of in trouble.

Shankar is 11 too, and he has a killing smile!! I have to ask him about his dreams. I’ll do it soon, on his birthday; he’s the third Sagitarius in the house these days.

Nisha is 12 and she wants to be a doctor. I think she can become anything she wants to. She’s beautiful and she’s strong. Too direct, too harsh …. But she’ll have time to polish on that.

Dawa wants to be a singer. He’s 13, and he was singng to us all evening yesterday …

Seema must be around 12-13. She’s not going to school this year, but she takes care of everyone. And I mean, every single one. She’s the one you trust with what need to be done around the house. And all kids listen to her. She likes pink, strawberries and coffee J

What do you want to be, when you grow up?


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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