(October 14th, 2011)

If there wasn’t for he ends in our lives, we would never reach out for new beginnings. Sometimes we call them, sometimes they are forced upon us. Either way, with all the hassle and struggle they put us though, they do open new horizons.

It is only when we have accepted this particular state of fact – the scary end of a relationship, a life, a certain period in life – that the road opens ahead. It is not fatalism in the acceptance, it is not the ‘what can you do?’ attitude, it is rather making peace with one moment in time. Months, years, concentrate then into one very single day when all becomes clear, when the weight is lifted from our minds, when the heart is light again.

One boy gave me two candies the other day. I had just entered the classroom, and was about to start the lesson. The teacher told me the little boy wanted to give me something: he was searching through his backpack, bigger than him … he took out these two candies and placed them into my palms. I had learned by now to keep my palms as in a prayer. I folded them and covered the sweets, and said the most sincere Thank you until now.

And then there was this little girl who came to the teachers’ room, and took me by the hand as I stepped out. Just to make sure I was going to her class. I did, we were supposed to have grammar. But it was a Friday, the short day. They wanted to play … but couldn’t agree upon the game. I had thought in the morning I would take that stories book with me and some paper, just in case. So we agreed we would read the story, one by one, in front of the class, loudly so that everyone can hear … and after that we would draw the characters. You should have seen the Small red flowers, the Honeybee, the Butterfly and the Old Uncle Tree … all getting to live, the noise, the laughs, the concentration on their faces, the excitement at the end of the hour when they all lifted up the drawings and we applauded so hard! The bell had ranged, we were still there … celebrating our joy.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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