Trading the day off

(October 8th, 2011)

On a bike ride and on an ice cream. It’s all I keep from today.

The bike rides are awsome. I love feeling the wind on my face, the sun burning my skin and my muscles alert. I will be taking a bike ride way to school and back, every day, just in a few days. These three kilometers way and back will be one of the most favorite moments of my next four weeks here.

Chocolate ice cream … almost melting until I get back home. But boy, did my delivery make everyone so happy!!

Studying is good early in the mornings. I love having these couple of hours for myself, with a cup of chyia and a cigarette. The book is good, keeps my mind focused on what I’ll have to do once I get back home. Helps clear some directions, although my months of job search seem yet so far away.

I trade my days off. I could say so, I guess, since I spend some money and some time on living an experience completely different from anything I have done before. When I walk through the village all the way to the forest at dawn, I tell myself it is just the kind of place I needed to be in right now. So It was, a good thing to do. I couldn’t have known, of course. But I did the one thing that never fails: listened to my gut feeling. I wish I could do that when it comes down to romance, as well.


About Madalina Serban

I love children. I love the sea. I love dancing. I love writing. And I love a man who makes me laugh.


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