Daal bhaat tarkari, creativity and Dipika’s drawings

(September 28th, 2011)

I helped cooking daal bhaat tarkari today.  Literally, it means lentil soup, rice and curried vegetables. It’s the main meal we have twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Cucumbers as big as egg plans, green coriander and a lot of other spices in small boxes I have no idea yet how are named, but they do make this simple meal so tasty!! Chiya to drink, of course.

A short walk through Kathmandu’s Durbar Square leaves me with the strong smell of scented sticks that seem to be burning everywhere. It’s a familiar smell to me , I use to burn scented sticks back home … it’s nice to recognize it. I will be back in the city in about a month and a half, and will be staying longer then. To get a less rushed feel of it, I wish.

Sharing Nepali snacks with Pramila and Dipika in the afternoon, Dipika reading quickly and eagerly through all the books we have bought, me and her mother talking about teaching the kids in Chitwan. Pramila’s native village, the place where she has built the school where she hopes she can give the children a bit more than reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing, and homeworks. She wants to do more drawing, she wished the children had access to music, learned how to dance maybe. But the teachers are very strict in the way they do their work and treat children, she says. She sits with them every week, trying to open up their minds. We will try … she says when I tell her about the project I have in mind, and the music I’ve brought with me.  We will try.

And so it comes to no surprise that she encourages her daughter to try different things. Dipika is so very talented in drawing and painting. I asked her whether I could take photos of some of her works, and she said yes. They speak about Nepal.


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